A Girls Pop Icon of a new generation, AMWE, who succeeded in her tours to Paris and London as the "2009 DIESEL:U:MUSIC JAPAN" winner. Decorating many fashion magazines, this pop icon of the '10's generation, featuring as well as DELPHIC in "Kitsune Maison", a popular compilation album in Kitune (the most advanced French label & fashion brand), released a new album!

She was selected as one of the best new 10 artists in 2010, in "iTunes Japan Sound of 2010", which iTunes selects a most prospective young artists, based on the voting by music related people, and expectation to her is getting higher. Her 2nd album contains a total of 12 songs + DVD, including a cover of "GIRLS AND BOYS" a great hit song of Blur in '94, a cover of "GROOVE IS IN THE HEART" a great hit of Deee-Lite, a traditional group with participation of Mr.TOWA TEI, celebrating the 20th anniversary of their activities this year, "ONLY SHALLOW", a cover of My Bloody Valentine, a standard number of an AMWE's live, "MOON LIGHT", an enhanced song with a Japanese Lyric, a girl's anthem "GIRLS NIGHT OUT", etc.

Following her successful debut well noted in the world, AMWE attracted even Kitune of France. Their 2nd album is now released in which she shows her further progress in a colorful way, wishing to devote this to all girls strong and weak at the same time.

25th January 2011, a first album is to be released in Europe!


■2009 Japan Winner of "Diesel:U:Music", a world wide music contest sponsored by a fashion brand, DIESEL

■Participated in "DIESEL:U:MUSIC 2009 World tour" opened in Paris and London. In this EU tour, she played jointly with THE BIG PINK, BREAKBOT, and ANNIE MAC, being well noted in overseas presses.

■In Japan also, she continuously participated in big festivals like SUMMER SONIC and WIRE as the 2009 Japan Winner of "DIESEL:U:MUSIC".

■By the hook-up of Kitune, a French producer team, who contacted from her MySpace, "Friction Between The lovers" (from her debut album M5), was contained in "Kitune Maison 8", the latest work of a popular compilation album series which have grown Digitalism, Phoenix, and so on. This is an extraordinary work in the point that this is the first song in Japanese lyric in this series.

■She was spaciously described as "a debut of a new pop icon" in "Tokyo Culture Special" of "JALOUSE", one of a most popular French fashion magazines. And she was selected as one of "The 300 Key Persons selected by ELLE" in the 300th issue of "ELLE JAPON" together with M.I.A., LADY GAGA, etc.

■Remix offers are rushing from international artists through MySpace&Twitter. Works by POP LEVI(Counter), GOLDEN BUG(BANG GANG12inches), HEARTS REVOLUTION(Kitune) have been taken up by now.

■She was selected in "SOUND OF JAPAN 2010", which is pushed by iTunes in their belief that this will surely be a great break!

■In the seasons of 2009 and 2010, she played jointly with TOWA TEI, VERBAL(m-flo), ☆Taku Takahashi(m-flo), Shin-ichi Osawa, FMP, i-dep, DE DE MOUSE, etc., having an overwhelming scene!

Release of a new album in France is scheduled for 25th January 2011!!

The first album released in 2009, "I AM AMWE", is to be released in France with a new jacket and a new contents (distributed by Sony Music France).